Photography Editing

Studio Edit

It is amazing what you can do with a snapshot to make it look as though it was taken by a professional!
Sepia/B&W Toning

Strip colour to add some class and interest to any image.
Image Editing

Lightened, darkened or if you want to remove an unwanted feature, no photograph is beyond improvement.

All photography editing is returned to you electronically.  If you would like it to be printed then please contact me to discuss your needs.

Forgotten a birthday or anniversary?  I can add wording to the image so it can be sent as a unique e-card, and supply the image without wording for print format, so no one ever feels forgotten and you can relax!

Use images for postcards, canvases, mugs, etc., the only limit is your imagination.

turn the ordinary into art

Weezy Lamb Design

Colour Spot

Pick out a colourful part of a beautiful photograph to draw even more attention to it.